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We’re involved in every step of the process, whether we make it or not-

When you place a custom order with APD, the artist who sent you your proof is the same designer watching it during production. From start to finish, WE handle your order. Many online apparel sites don't print your apparel; they send it off to a different manufacturer. At APD, we start with your concept, design it in-house, and print it all at our same facilities. Need something beyond the realm of printing or design? We can collaborate with world-class artists and manufacturers to deliver a finished product you can be excited about.

Our long and storied History.

Our mission at Aesthetic Print and Design is simple: Offer the highest quality printed apparel and paper at competitive prices and quick turnaround, while providing helpful customer service and superior graphic design capabilities. And the best jokes. And an awesome shop dog who works for free.

When we started AP&D in 2002, it was just two good-looking people setting out to expand conventional screen printing boundaries by innovating, not just filling orders. Here we are almost 20 years later. Although the size of our staff, building, and list of satisfied clients have all grown, our goals of ensuring complete customer satisfaction and consistently creating an aesthetically superior product have not changed.

And now for some silliness...
Wheres the dog at?
Those who miss 'Sampy', rest easy- he is alive and well and has been busy lounging on a plush couch in comfortable, climate-controlled environs, being pampered on a minute-by-minute basis by loving hands...
What's with the Dinosaur?
Our first promotional postcard featured an 'Imaginary 40ft Dinosaur' as the subject matter. They say if you believe in something with all your heart and soul, sometimes it becomes real ... the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are old news, so we set our hearts on a Brachiosaur!
...Millenium Falcon you say?
It is true that we once had a giant replica of the Millenium Falcon dangling above the production floor. Some say it was removed in a conscious act of cinematic preservation, and others say it was removed to suck any remaining joy from the lives of those who worked below it. Fun fact.
Hello and Goodbye - Viktor
Is the cat on the bag waving goodbye or hello? This age-old question is like all other types of these questions in that it has no answer. Is it an existential visual metaphor? Is this an optical illusion, the likes of Escher? What do you think?!